Use our experience to your advantage

Our experience in building useful partnerships has benefited many successful organisations across different industries who are involved in bringing connected devices into the wider world.

As a result we have broad background knowledge that spans across the sometimes complex world of connected devices and technology, which we are able to share.

Here are just some of the clients who have chosen to work with us. Read about more these stories below.

Best Buy Mobile - Added Value for Big-Box Retailer

Best Buy needed to transform the fortunes of their mobile retail business and decided forming a strong partnership with our affiliate company, Carphone Warehouse, was the best solution.

Best Buy had tried to gain share in the increasingly valuable connected device business. The launch of the iPhone underlined how important that was for them. The problem was that their store-within-a-store formats weren’t working within their big-box locations, in part because of the shared-labour model they used. Customers found it difficult to accept that their sales people could know enough about everything on offer.

The team changed that by creating Best Buy Mobile – a clean and distinctive new approach to mobile retailing in North America.

Our team worked on all aspects of the business from store format design to talent management. Replacing the complicated range of in-store systems with a single cross-carrier activation tool helped store colleagues delivery traffic customer services.

This resonated with Best Buy’s loyal customers immediately.

Samsung – Transforming Retail Formats

Technology and manufacturing giant Samsung had the desire to enter the European retail arena by creating Samsung Experience Stores. The aim was to bolster its brand presence and achieve a credible retail footprint across Europe’s busiest high streets and shopping centres.

Samsung have had a long standing relationship with Carphone Warehouse and were more than aware of its ability to retail connected technology to the highest standard. Connected World Services, as part of the Carphone Warehouse Group, was therefore a perfect partner and had the blueprint to deliver to Samsung’s exact requirements, effectively and at speed. Using the Samsung Experience Stores customers would be able to purchase connected or standalone devices and receive expert advice and service. The first 30 stores, across seven different markets were up and running within 100 days. Samsung and their new retail customers were delighted with the outcome.

So far the stores have experienced a significant increase in customer footfall and have also seen a marked increase in their customer satisfaction and net promoter score (NPS).

The Samsung Experience Stores, have enabled Samsung to enter the European retail market, delivering a phenomenal new format and a world class brand and connected device experience for their customers.

Talk Talk – Supporting our Client and their Customers

Talk Talk Mobile needed a robust website platform to quickly launch an exclusive simple connected smartphone offering to their extensive client base. In addition Talk Talk needed a fulfilment partner for their new mobile proposition. To fulfil their needs we created a full service solution including website hosting, device fulfilment, insurance, and tech support.

Talk Talk knew that this extensive offer had to be communicated in a straightforward and professional way to meet the needs of their customers. They also needed the systems to work with the services they were offering.

The Connected World Services team helped create a clean, simple to use interface for the website and resonated very successfully with customers. From our experience too much time on a site reduces conversion, we therefore worked to ensure tight integration with Talk Talk’s billing and CRM systems to make sure customers could quickly progress from browsing to check-out.

Our technical support team continue to work closely with the Talk Talk Mobile sales and operations team to manage and support new smartphone launches i.e. provide product briefings, build knowledge vaults and promote online self-serve. In addition the team provides on-going support of customer’s handsets through technical changes such as software launches, to ensure customers receive proactive support for their handsets throughout the life of their contract.

The partnership was able to deliver on a wide range of outputs, creating a viable full support service ranging from website platform hosting and IT support, consultancy and best practice and stock and supply chain support through to device supply, insurance services and tech support.

Seamless Sales with honeyBee Recommend

Carphone Warehouse, and their European brand The Phone House initially deployed PinPoint - their name for honeyBee Recommend - across more than 800 stores in the UK, before rolling it out this functionality internationally. They had found it challenging to reliably deploy new propositions and to react quickly to competition in today’s fast-moving world.

There was a perception among some customer segments that in-store staff couldn't effectively 'keep up' with the multiplicity of offers and rapid changes in the market. The client, therefore, needed a solution that would engender and build trust and allowed store staff to illustrate their expertise so as to improve customer services scores and maximize revenues.

honeyBee Recommend has enabled the business to boost conversion, manage performance and ‘think digitally’ – an essential skill to compete more effectively in an ‘online-first’ world.

Banking on Better Connections

When a leading high-street bank wanted to enhance both their Mobile Device Insurance offering and service within their customers’ added value accounts, Connected World Services partnered with Aviva to provide a market leading product.

By working together CWS and Aviva, the UK’s biggest insurance company, recognised that we could build a best-in-class mobile device insurance product and complementary operational delivery model that would drive great a customer experience.

The end result matched our joint deliverables - an efficient omni-channel and end-to- end process that customers could use when engaging with their mobile phone insurance. This commercial proposition balanced insurance risk with treating customer’s fairly and appropriately and exceeded the customer expectations.

Through this approach our client’s customers were able to experience:

British Gas – Taking Tech Support to All

UK’s largest utility provider recognised that customers of two of their household products would benefit from dedicated expert technical support.

The first product was their remote heating control solution which allows customers to control their central heating system from a mobile phone app. The second was a home security system. To bridge the gap between technology and customer engagement, they required a strategic partner to set up and manage a technical support capability, allowing their installation staff to concentrate on their day job.

Using our technical support expertise and our knowledge of the British Gas connected home product, we were able to help enable their customers build towards their connected home. Our service was established to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for customer technical queries and support, allowing more effective and speedy resolution on customer issues.

Our proposition led to improved customer service and enabled customers that were less technically savvy to experience exciting new consumer products.

Belgacom - Assuring Quality for Customers

In 2011, Belgium’s main telecom operator Belgacom acquired the retail operations of The Phone House in Belgium. This allowed Belgacom to get closer to their customers and giving them an edge in a rapidly changing competitive market.

A mobile phone insurance solution was needed for this, and our existing relationship with Aviva - the UK’s biggest insurance company - meant that we were ideally placed to roll out a mobile phone insurance solution, under our LifeLine brand.

We worked with Belgacom to review and update their systems and processes to bring them into line with current regulations and documentation requirements, and ensured that claims management had a strong customer focus.

As a result customers received a comprehensive insurance policy designed to meet their needs using our years of experience in this sector.

Allo - Connecting with New Markets

When the Ukraine’s leading multi-channel telecommunications retailer wanted their mobile business to grow faster, they decided to partner with Connected World Services.

Already a high profile retailer, Allo occupied more than 20% of the telecommunications market but they recognised that there was more that could be done to increase their share and profitability in what is a rapidly growing market. They wanted to implement a best-in-class process that would also provide customers with a great price and no company had been more successful than our parent company Carphone Warehouse in building a profitable, independent smartphone retail business, and helping others to do that too. As part of Dixons Carphone plc, Connected World Services has strong, long-standing relationships with key suppliers that could be utilised to unlock some issues for Allo in their local territory and they could benefit from our learnings.

We undertook an end-to-end review of processes and looked to improving handset sourcing and ranging, refreshing the in-store customer experience, and developing and implementing a customer-retention strategy.

Connected World Services brought in its relationships with handset and tablet suppliers - both existing and newcomers. We implemented new ways of working with vendors, including the re-negotiation of commercial terms, in-store execution design and dramatically improving their merchandising principles. By strengthening relationships in this way, sales improved and margins rose.

With a new format of specialised convenience stores, Allo has a robust and customer led service based on a multi-channel purchasing experience - all at the best price for the customer, forming part of a longer-term agreement for further improvements.

Helping Meet the Needs of one of World’s Most Respected Brands

One of the world’s most successful retailers needed a simple and easy-to-use application to help in-store sales colleagues to navigate a breadth of complicated connectivity choices and identify the best deal for a customer quickly.

Existing, part-manual processes were unpopular on the shop floor and couldn’t cope with the sheer volume of potential transactions when new products were launched.

honeyBee is designed to allow businesses to offer connected sales alongside the existing range of propositions; with purchasing eligibility based on finding customers the right deals for them, right through to real time online credit and upgrade checks. It’s designed to be easily customised to help businesses create and enrich connected propositions in line with their brand. This fitted the bill perfectly.